Elements Of Roof

The most important thing about your roof is that you don’t have to worry about it. Actually, you should be able to forget about it altogether. With a Ruukki steel roof you can concentrate on other things that are important to you.

Structure of a roof


The parts that make a roof

The most important element of a healthy roof is that all the different parts are chosen carefully and that they work well together, both functionally and visually.

Your roof is about more than just the roofing sheets; all the separate parts of your roof are important, from the smallest screws and bolts to large roofing sheets and ladders. And each part plays an important role in making your roof safe, durable and attractive.

With the right materials, proper installation and good maintenance you can guarantee you have a well-functioning roof.

Roofing sheets protect your house and its structure from rain, wind and snow. They are also the most visible feature of your roof and define its appearance – even the identity of your home.


The role of a roof’s understructure is to create a firm foundation for the attachment of the roofing sheets, and it also includes underlays, battens and ventilation strips. A well-built understructure also improves the soundproofing and heat insulation of your roof. It also safely channels the condensation that normally builds up under the roofing sheets away from the structure.

Roof understructure

1. Underlay
2. Batten
3. Ventilation strip

Flashings, trimmings and cappings are important elements when applying the finishing touches to your roof. They connect the different elements of your roof tightly together, making it seamless, visually appealing and coherent.

Rainwater systems use guttering, downpipes, water tunnels, and other elements to channel rainwater efficiently into the sewer system.   

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