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We are proud to recommend Arsenal Center as an authorized distributor of Gerard products in Azarbaijan! A modern company with long history in roofing business, professional staff and sophisticated offices around Azerbaijan. They provide quality sales and construction services to all their customers, dealers, roofers from roof measurements until final installation and after sales services.

Best regards,

Irina Chernayavska

Sales manager

AHI Roofing Kft.


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These are my personal opinions about our relation with Arsenal:
Weckman Steel Oy has been co-operating with Arsenal in Baku market for many years.
I have met the leaders of Arsenal many times during the years and bonded a good personal relationship with many of them.
It is easy to take care of business when you know the people well.
Also, it is very important for us that Arsenal is a company that keeps its’ word.
Arsenal has always done everything as agreed.
It is very important for us to have a good partner like Arsenal in Baku.
High quality products need a high quality business partner!
People working at Arsenal have proven to be real professionals with many skills.
Premium quality at reasonable prices – that’s the fine principle of Arsenal to fulfill customers’ wishes!
To co-operate with a good partner like Arsenal – it is our aim.
And we believe we can keep it that way in the future too.


Juha Weckman
Chairman of Weckman Steel Oy


tettomante / MARCEGAGLIA piastrella di ferro – è un profilo di copertura evidente nello stile italiano, è scelta eccellente per i proprietari di casa più esigenti.Piastrella di ferro tettomante è caratterizzata dalle caratteristiche come durevolezza a lungo termine, resistenza agli urti di  climatiche avverse ed abilità artistica. La produzione e la sicurezza  ambientale realizzate con i più alti standard di qualità hanno un effetto tettomante / MARCEGAGLIA piastrella di ferro – è un profilo di positivo sulla domanda dei nostri partner.

tettomanteè stato sviluppato con i più alti standard di qualitàper rendere la vostra vita più facile e più leggera.



Orima-Tuote Oy – это частная финская компания с 50-летним опытом работы в сфере производства систем безопасности кровли и водосточных систем. Завод находится в г. Ориматтила, Финляндия. Новейшие CAD/CAM-технологии дают нам возможность воплощения самых неожиданных проектов и индивидуальных заказов. ORIMA – это большой опыт в обработке листового металла, современные технологии, квалифицированный персонал, обширная дилерская сеть.



marcegaglia_0Marcegaglia is the leading industrial holding on a global level in the steel processing sector, 
with a yearly output of 5.6 million tons (2016).Founded in 1959 and fully owned by the Marcegaglia family, is divided in three companies that gathers together the core business activities: Marcegaglia Carbon Steel (dedicated to carbon steels manufacturing), Marcegaglia Specialties (stainless steel and cold-drawn bars activities) and Marcegaglia Plates (heavy quarto plates processing). Thanks to its production features, that allow to create unique synergies for customers, integrating their supply chain and industrial processes, Marcegaglia is regarded today as the partner of choice for the steel industry with a presence in several industrial sectors thanks to its verticalization such as the refrigeration industry, building&construction and DIY. Marcegaglia business model relies on: • a combination of high flexibility and economy of scale • high diversification of products/markets/industry segments • capillary network in sale, international network in purchasing.

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