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From ancient times roof symbolizes the peace and security of a home. Having a roof over your head – means to have a home and  therefore, confidence in the future. That is why when building a house, we carefully select the material that will not only decorate it, but first of all give it a solid and original perfection.

Company «Arsenal Center LLC» was founded in 2001. Its principal activities are the manufacture of roofing materials and supply of products from leading European brands. As you know, the birthplace of metal is an Finland. That Finnish shingles is the standard of quality, durability and reliability. By combining the experience and technology of Finnish manufacturers, as well as focusing on the demand characteristics of Azerbaijanian consumers, “Arsenal Center LLC” creates products having high technical and aesthetic characteristics. We are authorized distributors of leading companies such as Weckman (Finland), Gerard (New Zellandiya), Tezcan (Turkey), Seah Steel (Korea), Galva Metal (Turkey), Thyssen Group (Germany).

Our production capacity is more than 12 thousand tonnes of certified products in a year. Its high quality and affordable prices induce natural interest not only in Baku, but also in the regions. Permanent partners of «Arsenal Center LLC» are more than 1,000 companies and organizations of various branches of economy of Azerbaijan. Among them are not only well-known enterprises in the country, such as the Global Construction LLC, Stonepay, AzTurkAlman, Metax, Azersun Holding et al., But also hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. We supply our products to the construction of public institutions such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Cabinet of Ministers and etc.

Specialists of “Arsenal Center LLC” in its work followed the principle of “Roof – a person each house and it determines the appearance of any building.”

Here you will find the necessary information about any brand, its products, the specifications and characteristics of the building and roofing products.

Our employees – professionals in the field of construction of houses, so will answer any question and help you make the right choice.In stock company has a huge range of materials that will help to fulfill any type of construction, to carry out any task for finishing works and make a reality of the most complex design project.Regardless of the species, the type of the acquired material, we guarantee the quality and offer a warranty term. This is due to the fact that our company cooperates only with reliable manufacturers that have proven their products as durable, quality and durability.

We are interested in the efficient development of the business and its partners striving to offer solutions that enable maximize the benefits of their business. Efficiency, quality and reliability – our most important principles. Each partner for us – a unique, and each delivery is considered by us as a recommendation for future transactions.

Among the top priorities of the company – the main thing is to preserve the wealth that we have at the moment – people, skilled workers, experts in their field. We try to provide them with decent living conditions, to provide all possible assistance to contribute to solution creates problems. At the same time we aim to attract new forces to invite capable, talented young people for whichunquestionably future of the company. Considerable attention is paid to the sport.

Company «Arsenal Center LLC» is synonymous with trust, reliability and innovation and we are proud to be at the heart of our activities that  interests of the client.

– We are a reliable support with which your plans will be implemented quickly  installation and construction process will be supported by the best products on the market.

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